Help your child
build healthy and joyful relations with others.
What's outside,
begins inside
Make your child's world happy.

Simply getting through the day as a parent is a struggle whether it’s the same daily routines or a schedule packed to the brim.

There is so much pressure!

While you’re aware that your children are growing fast, do you pause to enjoy your time together?

Mindfulness provides the key to raising happier and healthier children.

The Mindful Parenthood online workshop will show you how to slow down and stay connected as a family. It will help you and your children reduce stress and find balance in this increasingly hectic world. Full of mindfulness-based exercises it provides simple and practical solutions for raising creative, confident and happy children.
Mindful Parenthood provides parents with a powerful tool to truly enjoy family life. Teaching us to be kind and compassionate to ourselves; it helps us to seek balance on our everyday rollercoaster and to survive parenting challenges with self-understanding and compassion.
Mindful Parenthood focuses on bringing serenity and harmony to families.
For a mere $149 this interactive 7-week program was designed to have the maximum effectiveness for busy parents.

Your children will benefit directly from your practice. Every time you react mindfully from an open heart you very literally transmit that capacity to your child.

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Benefits of mindfulness in family situations

  • Better focus and concentration
  • Increased sense of calm
  • Decreased stress & anxiety
  • Increased wellbeing
  • Improved impulse control
  • Increased self-awareness
  • Skillful responses to difficult emotions
  • Increased empathy and understanding of other members of the family
  • Development of parent-children conflict resolution skills
  • Enhancment of parent-child bonding

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What will you learn?

  • Talk to your child about emotions and help him or her express themselves calmly
  • Mitigating your child’s bouts of anger and aggression
  • Quiet your mind and pass this ability onto your child
  • Raise a happy child
  • Speak to your children so that they understand what you expect from them and how to listen mindfully
  • Set boundaries and encourage responsibility and independence
  • Mitigate periods of rebellion when the child reacts to everything by saying NO
  • Keep calm in stressful situations

You will learn a whole lot more!

About the program

The program consists of seven sections: Beliefs, Mindfulness, Emotions, Looking after Yourself, Natural Potential, Demands and Requirements, Family Happiness. Each section offers lectures, exercises, and homework tasks related to typical situations and problems. The content of the modules will allow you to see yourself and your family determine errors, and optimize adequate modes of proceeding from a broader perspective. These specially developed exercises, will help you improve relationships with your children and other members of your family.

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Modules of program

The seven modules include video lectures, questions for reflection, downloadable audio-guided mindfulness practices, homework assignments, and downloadable pdf readings.



Your son is screaming and jumping on the couch, you yell?Calm down!, not because this is a good method to settle your overexcited child, but because you are mimicking the response from your own childhood experience.

Thinking is habitual. We learn and acquire specific modes of thinking from the people closest to us.

In this section, you will identify the unconscious beliefs that negatively impact your family.


Not only does mindfulness have the capacity to enrich, but it can completely transform your family life. Training in mindfulness teaches us how to live consciously, with greater awareness, and look at ourselves with amity; by practicing mindfulness, we learn how to vest family ties with a deeper sense and enrich our contact with the child. Moments which previously were nothing more an everyday routine, can become transformed into shared time of fun and a source of joy.

This section presents exercises which will help you cultivate mindfulness in your life.

Little school girl showing sketchbook to her mother
Little school girl showing sketchbook to her mother


This section lets you discover how to help children express emotions and teach them to quiet their mind; how to practice attunement with children.

good morning womans with cup of fragrant coffee on balcony

Taking Care of Yourself

At this stage of our program, you will learn that caring for yourself leads to living a happier and more fulfilling life, benefitting your whole family.


Natural potential

How to give your children a sense of security? How to assist him or her in healthy development, in discovering talents and predispositions, and exploring the world?

Famille à la campagne regardant au loin

Setting Boundaries

Learn how to set realistic limits for your children based on their capabilities and respond to rebellion while demonstrating respect and concern.

Family on a horse

Family happiness

This section concentrates on family harmony. You will learn how to raise a happy child without sacrificing your own needs; creating a loving and supportive home for your entire family.

When mindfulness embraces the ones we love, they bloom like flowers.

Thich Nhat Hanh

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What mothers say:

  • I wanted to have more patience for my child (and my husband, too), I wanted maternity not to be a time of frustration, but of discovering joy and being in contact with my son. And, I will admit frankly, I wanted to be a relaxed mom. And it worked! I never suspected you can get to find out so much about yourself and learn so much within seven weeks. Now, my attitude to life, my child, and myself is completely different.

    AnnMom of Victor
  • Such a self-awareness pill. An exercise in identifying emotions, quieting, affirmation, mindfulness, analysis ... For me the course was a simple moment of reflection. And all this at your own pace and at half the price of an hour of psychotherapy.

    MariaMom of Sara (3)
  • We reject schematic, automatic reactions, patterns acquired during childhood and we focus on OURSELVES alone. This is not because these values are wrong - but to be able to find ways and methods that often enough prove better - ways and methods which can make our relations with children healthier, full of love and warmth.

    MonicaMom of Bartek (10) and Madge (6)
Audio files to download

Audio files to download

...useful tips, meditations, relaxations.

    	Access to the program  remains valid for 7 weeks.

    Access to the program remains valid for 7 weeks. can participate in this training from any internet-accessible location. You can move at your own pace - you can re-listen and re-learn again and again.

      Mindful Parenthood Certificate

      Mindful Parenthood Certificate

      ...available upon completing the workshop course and confirming your participation

        PDFs to download

        PDFs to download

        ...with many practical tips which will help you take better care of yourself, your child, and relations in your family

          Training is developed by Kristina Lukawska MA, LCPC

          Kristina Lukawska is a licensed psychotherapist, author, educator and mindfulness coach who has been working with people for over 30 years. Kristina is devoted to supporting children, parents and families in balancing the emotional demands of life by cultivating mindful awareness. She believes that mindfulness practice brings us back into alignment with who we are and helps us build a strong connection with ourselves. This connection determines the depth of the relationships we have with our children and our partners.

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